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Aqua Blue Pools is Central Arkansas’ premier custom pool designer. The staff has over 35-years of experience in pool installation, design and repair. The perfect pool is a reality when you partner with Aqua Blue Pools. The staff is dedicated to making your dreams a reality from the unique pool designs to the superior customer service.

Aqua Blue Pools can design and install a new in-ground swimming pool for you and your family. They can also replace or repair pool liners in existing pools. Aqua Blue Pools can also offers maintenance services and can help repair your filtration and pump systems. They can also help balance the chemicals in your pool water so you’re ready to enjoy the water when the weather allows. Let the staff at Aqua Blue Pools handle the details so you can sit back and simply enjoy your beautiful at home swimming pool.

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By Master Account 06 Feb, 2017
A pool is a great place to relax, cool off, and enjoy quiet time, especially when it's in your own back yard. However, when is the best time to replace that pool liner? Experts say it's best to schedule the appointment in February, then have the replacement done in April. This is because the warm days help the pool professionals create a vacuum, and the cool nights help create a seal that holds the vacuum in place. If this seal never happens, the liner will come off when the weather grows significantly warmer. It's important to have a warm day, combined with a cool night, to allow the seal to place properly.
By Master Account 30 Dec, 2016
If you own a pool, you may become concerned when the weather outside drops under freezing. Now, with the larger level of water it will take consistent temperatures under 32 degrees to freeze the pool. However, you still need to know general care for the custom pool in freezing temperatures.

Inspect the pipes. This is the main source of damage during freezing conditions. At the very least, you can turn the pipes on to a drip. This keeps the water moving and helps prevent stand-still water, which leads to freezing.

Regularly check the structure of the pool. If the water begins to freeze the structure may start to crack.
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