Whenever you’re getting an in-ground swimming pool installed, the first thing you think about might not be how to get out of it. You’re probably thinking about diving straight and staying all day. Eventually, though, you’ll need to leave the pool. When it comes to ways to do that, you have a few options to think about! Your choice will depend on a few things, like your preference and budget. You should also take into consideration who will be using your pool and what their needs may be. Here, we will walk you through some popular options to help make the decision-making process a little easier.


In-Ground Swimming Pool Ladders

Pool ladders are very easy to get for your in-ground swimming pool. They are installed onto the side of your pool, so can be easily removed or replaced if needed. While pool ladders may be a quick way to establish a clear exit from your pool, they may not be easily accessible for all. Ladders require a little bit of upper arm strength to be able to hoist yourself up and step out and out. If you have young children or elderly guests who might want to swim, you might consider another option. Pool ladders also don’t allow swimmers to gradually ease into the pool. Once you’re at the bottom of the ladder, you’re completely submerged into the water. This might not be appealing to someone just learning to swim or to those who like to get used to the cold water step by step.


Pool Steps

In-ground swimming pools are often seen with steps leading into the pool from a designated area. If you think stairs are a better option for you, there a couple of different routes you can go. If you care less about what your pool looks like and more about saving money, plain white steps can be installed onto your in-ground swimming pool. They will definitely stick out, as they won’t match your pool’s vinyl liner, but they get the job done.


Pool Steps with Vinyl

If you want steps leading into your in-ground swimming pool, but don’t like the idea of plain white steps, you’re in luck! You can also get steps that are covered with vinyl, so they will match the rest of your pool and won’t be so noticeable. Of course, they will cost a little more, but you will have more options as far as shape, design, and location goes.

In-ground swimming pools with steps make it easy for everyone to enjoy pooltime. Rails installed on the side or in the middle give people something to hold onto for balance. The steps themselves allow a gradual entrance to the pool.


Final Thoughts to Consider

Any option you choose is going to be better than grabbing onto the edges of your in-ground swimming pool in order to boost yourself up and out of it. We’ve all done it, but it’s uncomfortable and a sure way to get scraped up by concrete. It’s definitely not what you should rely on anytime you’re exiting the pool. One last thing to consider is having both steps and a ladder as exit points along your in-ground swimming pool. Whatever you choose, let Aqua Blue Pools of Cabot help answer any questions you have!