The thought of closing your pool for the winter can be a real bummer and it might even deter you from getting the swimming pool of your dreams. Fortunately, there are plenty of different ways that you can enjoy your swimming pool during the winter months. You might just want to enjoy the view or be able to go for a swim whenever you please; the good news is, there are options for either one of these. Whatever your reason for wanting to keep your pool open this winter, these three ways might be able to help you do just that.


1. Bring On the Heat

If you’re in the market for a swimming pool, but haven’t made the plunge yet, ask yourself if it’s important to you to be able to swim when it gets cold out. If that answer is yes, consider investing in a heated pool. That way, the temperatures will be comfortable swimming, even when the air gets chilly.

If you already have a pool, don’t worry! There are heating systems available that can be installed into a pre-existing pool. These might be an expensive alternative, but if it’s something you’re willing to invest in, then it will be worth your time to look into what’s out there.


2. Utilize It As a Pretty Backdrop

You might want to use your swimming pool this winter without actually going for a swim. If it’s not below freezing, your pool can still be the centerpiece of your backyard hangouts. Your deck or porch area can be easily heated and ambient lighting can really make your pool pop. Just because you’re not in it or laying out in the sun, doesn’t mean your pool won’t provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxing evening at home with friends and family.


3.  Embrace the Cold

If you’re looking to increase your circulation (or wake yourself up), then embrace the cool weather and swim in your pool anyway. You won’t want to freeze yourself to death, but cold water can increase energy, alleviate muscle pain, and be a thrilling experience for anyone willing to take the jump. Just because the weather starts to cool down, doesn’t mean your swimming pool is completely off limits. Keep your pool floats out and absorb that vitamin D!

Whether you decide to swim in your pool over the winter, leave it open as an aesthetically pleasing addition to your yard, or winterize it until the spring, make sure you stay on top of cleaning and maintenance. If you do decide not to use it for the winter season, make sure you keep the pool walls clean and check on the equipment to ensure it’s running properly. That way, when you open your swimming pool again in the warmer months, you won’t be faced with any surprises when the time comes.

Whatever you’re planning to do with your pool this winter, we are here to help in any way that we can! From pool equipment to pool installation, Aqua Blue Pools in Searcy is your go to.