Searching for the swimming pool supplies that you actually need can be exhausting. There are so many extras out there that are marketed as “must-have” items, it makes it hard to tell what it really takes to get your pool set up. Opening up your pool doesn’t have to be riddled with fifty different cleaning chemicals and a garage full of gadgets. It can be overwhelming to get started, when you don’t know what to choose from. Whether you’re a first-time pool owner or you’re performing routine maintenance, we’re here to walk you through the essential swimming pool supplies you need to get your pool ready for use.


Start-Up Chemicals

In order to keep the water in your pool clean and safe to swim in, it’s essential to treat the water with a series of cleaning chemicals. They clear your water from irritants, germs, and bacteria. Luckily, it’s easy to find pool-start-up kits that contain the basic chemicals you need to successfully open your pool. Most kits will include items like a chlorine shock, a stain preventer, algaecide, and a clarifier, which are all things you absolutely need.

You’ll also want to get a water testing system because once you treat your pool, you’ll have to make sure the chemical levels are balanced. It’s likely you’ll have to adjust the pH levels or alkalinity, or both!


Water Filter

Just like the water filter in your sink strains out impurities from your drinking water, an important item on your swimming pool supplies checklist should be the filter. As your pump circulates the water in your pool, the filter will trap in small particles and debris, while pushing out the clean water. You don’t want your pool water to be stagnant and full of crud, do you?


Vacuum and a Vacuum Hose

You will quickly learn that some things can’t just be filtered out of your pool water, unfortunately. Pool filters and chemicals do a lot of the dirty work for you when it comes to keeping your pool clean, but you’ll have to go the extra step in order to maintain it. But still! There are some helpful tools that make the job easier.


Skimmer, Scrubber, and Stone

Some more items that you should include on your essential swimming pool supplies list are a skimmer (or net), a scrubber, and/or a pumice stone. A skimmer will make it easy for you to pick up sticks or leaves that fall into your pool. This will help keep the pool cleaned up on a regular basis, as a skimmer is convenient and quick to use.

It is normal for your pool to collect build up on the walls, but don’t let them stay dirty for too long, or else they can stain, becoming harder to clean. A scrubber or pumice stone will scrape off dirt, algae, and other build-up as needed.


Using Your Swimming Pool Supplies

We’ve done the guesswork for you, by telling you the most basic swimming pool supplies that you’ll need to get your pool in shape for swimming. But remember, you actually have to put these supplies to use for them to work. Create a regular cleaning routine that works for your schedule, so it’ll be simple to follow. If you have questions about how to use these supplies or where to find them, let us know! We’re available to serve anywhere in the Pulaski County area!