Typically, people choose to invest in a swimming pool for those hot summer days. It’s no surprise then, that a lot of people wait to install their pool in the late spring or early summer. However, the fall can be one of the best seasons to get a swimming pool, so that it’s ready to go as soon as the warmer months hit again. It might be late in the season, but by getting your pool installed now, you’ll be ahead of the game come spring. Here are five reasons to get your pool this fall. 1. Avoid the Busy Season Springtime is peak busy season for pool contractors and builders. By waiting until last minute, odds are, you won’t find the help you’re looking for, on the exact dates you’re looking for it. Planning to build in the fall gives you free-range to find the builder that’s right for you. Plus, since it isn’t a busy season, your contractor will have fewer jobs to worry about, so more attention will be on you. 2. Price is Right Another perk of getting a swimming pool in the Fall is that prices will generally be lower during the off-season. The end of the season always brings sales, so you can likely find materials and equipment for good prices. Builders won’t be in such high demand, so they’re more likely to negotiate on a price that will fit your budget. Saving money to get your pool built by spring? Sounds like a deal we wouldn’t want to miss. 3. Predictable Weather There’s a reason we all look forward to Fall. Cool temperatures that make spending time outside pleasurable, predictable weather, and mild days. Spring in Pulaski County is notorious for heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and sometimes severe weather. This can lead to days without building, muddy stomping grounds, and setbacks. The fall provides the perfect working environment to build a swimming pool. Builders won’t be stuck avoiding rain or needing to take frequent breaks to escape the sun. 4. Time for Mishaps If you want your swimming pool to be ready in time for the summer, then building in the spring means that there is no time to be wasted. Unfortunately, we all know mishaps and unplanned setbacks are part of almost every process. We already mentioned weather, but construction can bring a lot of unforeseen circumstances. By building in the fall, you allow yourself a lot of time to deal with anything that gets thrown your way. Therefore, you can be sure your swimming pool will be ready for the summer, no matter what. 5.Ready, Set, Swimming Pool Don’t waste precious summer days on building your pool. Instead, get the job done, so you can get the most bang for your buck. Once warm weather hits, your pool will be ready to swim in. There’s nothing worse than watching a swimming pool be built, while the weather is perfect to use it. If you want to be sure your pool will be ready for the summer, give Aqua Blue Pools a call at 501-288-8484. From pool installation to pool services, we are here to help.